Shipping with LEXI

Ship with Lexi

The wait is almost over...

We're super excited to announce that we are finalizing our Shipping integration with LEXI!!

Once shipping is available, you will be able to print labels directly through LEXI. Additionally, you will be able to purchase insurance on your packages directly in the LEXI platform.

Based on volume, we have obtained a USPS Commerical Plus Rate for LEXI. This rate should be significantly cheaper than what you're paying at the Post Office today.

Shipping will be fully integrated with your account, so that once a customer pays you through LuLaRoe's Audrey system, you can log into LEXI, pick your shipping options, print a label, put the label on your package and drop it in any mailbox in the United States.

We will be rolling shipping out over the next couple of weeks so that we can ensure everything is working as expected before it becomes available to all subscribers.

LEXI is the only platform you'll need for managing your LuLaRoe business!!!

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From Our Table To Yours ~ Happy Thanksgiving,