LEXI v1.2 Released!

Today we released the second major update to LEXI where we introduced several new features, improved performance and user experience all around, as well as fixed a handful of bugs. We know you'll love these changes!

New Features:

  • You can manage your discounts from the new 'Discounts' navigation button.
  • When creating a discount you can:
    • Set the discount code.
    • Select between percentage-based discounts and dollar-based discounts.
    • Set a max number of uses on the discount.
    • Restrict the discount to only be used at a certain event.
    • Restrict the discount to only be used by certain customers.
  • Once created, your customers can redeem a discount by entering the code from the new Shopping Summary dialog. (They can enter discounts at any time during their shopping experience before hitting Done Shopping).
  • Discounts can also be created for one-time use only from the Draft Order/Create Order page. This has been implemented so that you may also provide a reason for the discount. (The reason is for you only and will never be shown to the customer on their order)
Shopping Summary

We listened to the feedback around the Done Shopping experience and decided to make some changes for the better.

  • This dialog box (modal) is only accessible after a customer purchases an item.
  • The order summary information is now shown in this modal along with the promo code entry box and any applied promo codes.
  • We've simplified the interaction with this modal as much as possible so that your customers know exactly what will happen when they click a button. There are two buttons available from the Shopping Summary (other than the button to add a new promo code to their order): "Continue Shopping" and "Done Shopping". We think your customers are going to love this clarity!

Performance and User Experience (UX) Improvements:

  • Many interactions in the application have been optimized to retrieve data as quickly as possible.
  • Full-size item photos are only being displayed on the Edit Item and View Product pages. Everywhere else we're using a reduced-size image to allow for much faster load times.
  • Browse Event and View Product pages have been updated to load faster on mobile, to look better on mobile, and to provide an overall better shopping experience for your customers!
  • Facebook Comments are now working on mobile and tablet!
  • Dialog boxes (modals) have been updated to be scrollable when the displayed content is taller than the height of your device's screen resolution.

Bug Fixes:

  • Return/Exchange and Care Instructions have been manually scrubbed to be free of HTML and their save/update modals have been updated to use a simple textbox instead of the HTML editor that was there before. This allows for better display of these important policies and instructions to your customers!
  • Pending shipping count on the dashboard was showing the wrong value. This has been fixed to only show the count of items that your boutique has pending shipping.
  • Draft Orders (create order) was quite buggy, this is now a very solid and pleasant user experience. We've also added more checks to be sure that you never ever oversell an item via LEXI through Draft Orders.
  • Better signup experience for customers that signup via Facebook Login. If they reached our site from an event link shared by you or another consultant, they will ultimately be brought to their dashboard page after setting up their account, where they will now see the event that they were trying to access!
  • Orders have been updated so that changes to shipping rates will be reflected in any open orders that are reprocessed. (e.g. If you submit an order and there's an error invoicing due to a bad shipping rate. You go to the shipping page and update the shipping rate. Now when you return to the view order page to reprocess that invoice, we will actually pull the updated information from that shipping rate.)
  • Shipping rates that are associated with open orders can no longer be deleted from the Shipping page. This ensures that you can always make changes to a rate if an order errors for a bad shipping rate.
  • The View/Edit Item page was displaying the default style description instead of the description from the actual item. This has been fixed.