LEXI and Compliance

It takes hard work to innovate. Webster describes the word innovate as, "make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products."

When we built LEXI, we aimed to bring something new and innovative to the market. We met with several of you and listened to your feedback on how the current LuLaRoe solutions did not meet the needs of your business. We heard from consultants who were looking for a tool to help them manage their LuLaRoe boutiques so that they could spend their valuable time running their businesses. We heard requests such as Integrate a payment processing system, create a way to automatically re-order inventory, or even make it so we do not have to use Audrey at all.

We listened to this feedback; We created a product which was unlike anything the LuLaRoe world had ever seen. After developing the first iteration of our product, we quickly learned that having a full-blown payment system would chip away at the revenues that LuLaRoe makes off of each consultant when they use Audrey for all of their credit card payments. We then decided to turn payments off, as our intention was only to enrich the lives of our consultants through an easy to use, state of the art platform. We also noticed that having a payment processing system built into LEXI would go against the spirit of the binding agreement that you, as a consultant, entered into when agreeing to work with LuLaRoe.

We also abandoned the ability to do automatic re-ordering of inventory. We wanted you to still have to use Audrey for some of its functionality, as Audrey is the only approved platform by the LuLaRoe Home Office.

Recently, some disturbing news has begun circulating our way. This news tells of LEXI being "under investigation" or out of compliance with LuLaRoe. As you can imagine, when we heard this news, we were taken aback. When we pressed some of our top consultants and leaders in the LuLaRoe community for feedback, we heard that perhaps it was the Audrey integration that is causing LEXI to appear on LuLaRoe's radar.

At the time of this writing, our company still has not been contacted by anyone in compliance or legal regarding LEXI. As stated in our FAQ, if our application was ever out of compliance, we would work to remedy the situation. Since we have not been contacted by LuLaRoe, all we have are rumors and speculation, coming from people who are not employed by LuLaRoe, nor do they have any affiliation with the officers of the company.

Changing for the future

Since we need to stop the rumor mill, we will be disabling Audrey integration for new consultant accounts. We are doing this intentionally, as we are hard at work on several other features which are going to be game changers for the way you conduct business on LuLaRoe. Features like Full Facebook Integration, Text Message Alerts, Shipping, and SKUS are just a few of the items on the horizon for December at LEXI. We're also expanding our partnerships, and are evaluating CRM tools like Salesforce. Additionally, we will be adding more features into our Quickbooks integration to ensure that all of your accounting can be done through LEXI. We have hundreds of other ideas on how to make this platform even better, without Audrey integration.

Better together

When we work together, we can accomplish amazing things. As we forge a path towards a bright future, we hope that you will continue to join us on our journey. LEXI is less than one-month-old and has already amassed thousands of users.

With the upcoming removal of our Audrey integration, we are once again in full compliance with LuLaRoe and it's latest P&P. If someone tells you otherwise, they are misinformed, and you should send them to this blog post. In fact, if someone tells you otherwise, you should question their agenda, as LEXI has more features than all of the current platforms out there today, even with the absence of Audrey.

We love and appreciate all of you, and we will continue to work on behalf of you. We promise to continue to do better and innovate in this space. If you're on the fence about LEXI, there's never been a better time to join than now. We want you to be a part of our story as we journey into the future.

If you have thoughts on this post, please write to us. We're listening and we're really easy to reach.

Yours truly,