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Section 508

We're making LEXI even better...

We have received an incredible amount of feedback on LEXI over the past week! We also received several heart-warming responses to our application from consultants who are using the LEXI to help them complete tasks in LuLaRoe's Audrey system.

When we created ClosedLoop (the platform that LEXI runs on), our idea was that we could provide services for all people on various Direct Marketing/Sales platforms. To that end, we have succeeded and have created an ecosystem where people are no longer limited to using the often inaccessible technical solutions created by Direct Marketing/Sales channels.

As we have been interacting with many of you over the past week, we've learned some amazing things. We've heard from those of you who are using LEXI to streamline your sales; we've heard from those of you who are using LEXI to assist you with Audrey, because LEXI is easier to use. We love this feedback, and we are looking forward to the continued dialogue with all of you.

On a more personal note, recently, a consultant approached us with a thank you message and praise for LEXI. This consultant was looking forward to using LEXI as the Audrey system is too encumbering for her use.

LEXI is an assistive technology, and we are the only solution that is Section 508 compliant (with the goal of being 100% in the near term), secure, and constantly evolving to meet the needs of our diverse user-base.

We will continue to evolve our platform, as we feel accessible technology is a basic human right and is something that cannot be overlooked when producing applications for the public.

As the Department of Health and Human Services has stated, "When websites are 508 Compliant, they are accessible to all users." Unfortunately, many Direct Marketing/Sales programs lose sight of this goal when introducing their technology programs to the public.

Our aim is to guarantee accessibility for everyone. We will continue to ensure compliance with Policies and Procedures set forth by Direct Marketing/Sales corporations, while also ensuring that all of their paying consultants can effectively use their platforms.

"Idealistic as it may sound, altruism should be the driving force in business, not just competition and a desire for wealth." - Dalai Lama

We are here for you. If you have ideas on how we can make LEXI better or more adaptive for your unique needs, drop us a line or Get Started today.

Yours truly,

The LEXI Group